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Consumers Have More Faith in Home Delivery Services

21st December 2012

New figures released by MetaPack have shown that consumers’ trust in home delivery services is higher than ever before, with Christmas parcel delivery volumes breaking records in the UK and across the Atlantic. Although, in previous years, the number of parcel deliveries taking place in the week leading up to Christmas has fallen by as much as 50% from the previous week, Monday 17th December saw a 1% rise in parcel deliveries in comparison to last Monday’s volumes. As British shoppers increasingly have more confidence in online transactions, the majority of online retailers are continuing to accept pre-Christmas orders up until Thursday 20th December and beyond.

Consumers’ growing faith in online shopping and parcel delivery services is also attributed to the mild weather conditions that the UK has experienced in the lead up to Christmas. Parcel deliveries in the Greater London area are expected to increase within the next few days, with Scotland and the North East being the only areas to show a decrease in the number of home deliveries.

Information taken from the Post & Parcel website – December 2012


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