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Top Tips for Packing and Addressing Your Parcel

17th January 2013

Packing and addressing your parcel correctly means that it will be delivered promptly, will arrive at the correct address, and that the contents will be transported safely. At ParcelBiz, we recommend that our customers adhere to the following guidance from Royal Mail for packing and addressing parcels:

1. Use good quality, sturdy packaging, which is strong enough to carry the weight of the parcel’s contents.

2. Use padded envelopes to pack oddly shaped items or items with sharp edges. Fill out the package with bubble wrap or polystyrene chips for extra protection, if needed.

3. Seal parcels securely, placing nylon or vinyl tape along the edges and all openings. If your package is stapled, or has metal fastenings, flatten the sharp edge and cover it with tape.

4. Make sure that fragile items cannot touch each other inside the parcel, and ensure that fragile items are not touching the side of the package. Place a ‘fragile’ sticker on the front of the package, if you would like to draw attention to the fact that the contents of the parcel are breakable when handing the parcel to your local counter.

5. Include a return address on your parcel, and put a contact name, address and telephone number inside.

6. If your parcel contains restricted items, be sure to label the parcel clearly with details of the contents.

7. Write the parcel delivery address clearly on the front, and always include a postcode. If you are unsure of the destination postcode or address, you can use the ‘postcode finder’ feature on the Royal Mail website to search for up to 15 postcodes and addresses free of charge.

Information taken from the Royal Mail website – January 2013

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