Useful Tips


  • Use a secure rigid box as boxes can be stacked in transit
  • Select a box sized according to its contents. Under-filled boxes are likely to collapse, and over-filled boxes could break open
  • Use high quality materials for your package. Consider strength, cushioning, and durability
  • Select a box made of corrugated cardboard, with good quality outer liners
  • Wrap all items within each box separately whenever possible
  • Put the contents in the centre of a package ensuring they do not touch the sides. Contents should be well protected on all sides
  • Make use of protective materials, to prevent the contents from moving
  • Use strapping if possible, as this is a good way to seal and secure your box
  • Use strong packaging tape designed for shipping if strapping is not available
  • Remove all old labels from your box including any old hazardous material indicators
  • Powders should be placed in strong plastic bags, securely sealed and then packed in a secure rigid box
  • Use 'arrow-up' labels for non-solid materials
  • Repack your items properly. Many goods are sold in the original manufacturer’s packaging which may not be suitable for carriage
  • Protect your data discs, audio and videotapes with soft cushioning material around each item
  • Place a duplicate address label inside the parcel

Do not:

  • Use fabric or cloth bags
  • Think that ‘Fragile' and 'Handle with care' labels will enable you to send out a poorly wrapped package
  • Use rope or Cellophane tapes to seal your shipment

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The customer must ensure that items are correctly packaged for transportation.